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Case report: A 40-year-old active businessman complained of right hip pain. His pain was primarily dull-ache and localized to his groin. It started a year ago and has progressed slowly and now was interfering with his life, as he was facing difficulty tying shoe laces, climbing stairs, and getting up from sitting position. He had seen many physiotherapists who started him on pain relieving methods. Prescribed exercises were of no help and actually made the pain worse. He then consulted orthopaedic surgeons, who felt the pain to be non-specific as x-rays were normal. His pain continued in spite of using prescribed anti-inflammatory medication. He visited us with his x-ray reports. His clinical exam showed reproduction of pain during flexion, adduction and internal rotation of hip. Hip AP and frog lateral X-rays showed changes consistent with CAM type of femoro-acetabular impingement. MRI confirmed the finding and showed some labral fraying supero-laterally. He was planned for hip arthroscopy and excision of the CAM lesion with labral repair was performed. Post-operatively protected weight bearing was started with crutches. His subsequent examinations showed full free painless hip movements and pain free activities. He was back to playing tennis and jogging in three months.

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