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Our genes are made up of tiny blueprints called as DNA which hold the secrets of life. These miracle molecules give instructions to our cells and hold the key to unlock our body secrets and provide useful information needed to give a competitive edge to people involved in sports. You can now order a ‘DNA Scan’ and know what sports one might naturally excel in or know which diet suits our body and helps us recover fast orpredict our sporting abilities and discover our weaknesses associated with sports performance. As research into the connection between genes and sports continues, scientists have found a “power gene” or “sprint gene” which can set apart athletes successful in power sports from those who may be best suited for endurance sports.

Avoiding injuries and remaining healthy is the key to the success of any team or an individual athlete. The potential to use genetic testing to reduce sports injuries is rapidly increasing in professional, collegiate, and recreational athletes. We can now identify people with a mutation which make their ligaments more resilient and decrease their risk for ACL rupture, Achillis tendinopathies and other ligament injuries. We can also spot those prone to life-threatening heart problems, like cardiomyopathy, concussions and other injuries.Our genes also dictate how we respond to different types of foods and diet. Some people are more efficient than others at extracting energy from food. Therefore a ‘DNA Scan’ can help you have a personally tailored workout and diet plan based on your body composition and metabolism.

The main purpose of the ‘DNA scan’ therefore, is to provide personalized and individualized performance improvement strategies to optimize the physical fitness and sports performance and safeguard the optimal health of an athlete.